Monday, February 13, 2012

Help us build a fourth children’s house!

Plans are well and truly continuing on the construction of the fourth children’s house. The architects have now finished the drafting of the design and a local building company has been contracted. The house will be wooden and built using traditional Latvian construction techniques. Depending on finances the construction of the house will occur in two steps over a period of two years. In the coming summer the first part will take place, which involves laying the foundation and construction of the main building. The next step, which will hopefully run from April to August 2013 concerns the interior of the house. Heating, electricity, water, furnishings, equipment, the garden and construction of a road will ideally occur during this stage.

The house will be 280m2 which is large enough to comfortably accommodate 8 children, three educators, and have enough space for a guest room if older children, parents or friends of the children wish to stay (this way the kids will be able to have sleepovers with their school friends). The children will sleep in four bedrooms, with two children per bedroom, and two shower rooms for the children. There will also be a room with an en suite for the educators, a guest room, dining room, kitchen and garage.

This project is financed entirely through donations to Grasi Children’s Village, with one substantially generous donation helping to finance the exterior of the house, allowing construction to commence this year. However we are still looking for sponsorship to help finance the interior of the house, as this will enable us to open the house up for children in 2013. Any offers of help towards this project are gratefully appreciated and if you could help in anyway you can contact us at

Translation: Cassandra GLEADHILL

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